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Statement regarding Facebook Meta Pixel
Updated over a week ago

We have been contacted by a number of practices following a recent media investigation into the un-consented use of the Facebook/Meta 'Pixel' for tracking.

iatro has never allowed invasive tracking technology on our platform including:

  • Meta Pixel

  • Google Analytics

In addition, we automatically replace YouTube links with the GDPR domain.

How can I verify our website doesn't use any trackers?

You can use a variety of browser tools - We like the free, web based 'Blacklight' tool available at

Does this mean I can't see details of website usage?

Practice365 does include a full analytics solution, powered by our privacy preserving and Cookie-free technology, that only uses information from our environment, rather than the patients device to provide anonymised usage information without collecting, processing or storing Patient Identifiable Data.

Security Centre

You can find more about how we mange the security of our products, team, infrastructure, and processes on our dedicated security site -

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